Haven’t Worked Out in a While? Here’s How to Get Back Into It.

Haven’t hit the gym for a while? Have been delaying your workouts for a time now? But want to hit your track back in the gym following the old rituals but feel too intimidated by the thought of it? Don’t worry I have your back.

A Study by Research Institute New Zealand, proves that if an individual haven’t worked up for a week there might not be any distinguishable signs by your body and you might not feel any change even after quitting your workout. Following 2 weeks of not working out ,you might feel out of shape or might feel subtle changes in your body but, note; that there will still not be any changes in your strength. Only after not hitting your gym for about 3–4 weeks you might start losing your stamina while performing your household chores. This is mainly because our strength levels are only maintained till 3 weeks, after this period they start to deteriorate.

But hey, relax! Don’t be alarmed. Just by following these 5 basic and miniature steps you will be back on track.

The foremost step to fall back to your old routine is to quit blaming yourself for taking a break for whatever reason it might have led it to. What matters most is that you decided to commit to your body, to yourself and to your exercises again.

Even after joining the gym back again, you might be as punctual as a clock, doing your workouts religiously but won’t find any considerable change in your body. While on the other hand, your friend might just work out once a week but might be still more fit than you. Don’t worry! just stop comparing yourself to others and take your own sweet time to notice the differences in your body gradually. And to do this, just follow my one pro tip, that is to start taking pictures of yourself at different intervals of your sessions to see your progress. Sounds weird right? But I kid you not this simple trick will do wonders for you. Instead of comparing yourself to others, start comparing yourself to the older version of yourself to boost your morale and to see major changes in your body after a break.

This is where I believe most people tend to give up their routines. And yes! I cannot stress on this point much but it is THAT important to schedule your workouts along with your daily household chores. You must appoint a certain day and time to your different sessions of your workout and must consistently follow it. This way you are less likely to miss out your workouts and get stuck in the recurrent cycle of taking breaks frequently from your workouts. Part of this venture requires your body and your mindset to be committed to your drills religiously.

Now that you have certainly put your heart and soul in this mission, here are few exercises that might aid you in your plan.

Before jumping straight into committing to any post break exercises, just take your own sweet time to get your body accustomed to the idea of workouts. Keep your routines as minimal as possible in the early days. Some of these simple yet fruitful exercises can be

1.Can be done by laying flat on the ground and keeping your hands on either side.

2.Start to lift your bottom until your gluten muscles are fully extended.

3.Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

1.start by standing in front of your chair shoulders and feet width apart.

2. bending on your knees allow your bottom to touch the chair while extending your arms in front of you.

3. push up through your heels and return to your original position.

1.start by forming a plank position on your forearms.

2. hold this position for 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Most importantly, its vital to do warm up and cool down exercises after each set to give your body a break from the workouts. Also, to avoid any unnecessary stress on your heart and lungs. Some of these warm up exercises can include

1.jumping jacks

2. arm circles

3.leg swings

Needless to say, an intense workout and a nutritious diet goes hand in hand . When you are entirely focusing on your workouts and totally ignoring your unhealthy eating routines then those efforts might go in vain. Hence its necessary for you to opt for a balanced diet by having specifics proportions of vitamins, minerals and proteins. However, healthy routines do not only include healthy eating habits but also working on reducing your stress and focusing on your mental health as well. After a tired and stressful week, a little bit of a pizza or chilling on your sofa while watching Netflix wont surely harm you.

A crucial reason for you backing out from your workouts might be that these workouts might be seen by you as a sign of stress and compulsory act to maintain your body rather than a ‘ME’ time. Maybe it was just a fatigued ritual you were bound to perform everyday in order to look appealing and hence this kind of mindset led you take frequent breaks from your workout sessions.

If that’s the case then stop! Stop repeating your prior schedule and here is your sign to start experimenting.

These substitutes might mean a change of environment. Previously if you were working out inside your house its time to actually starting your routines outdoors in your garden. Likewise, change your attire, change your old gym clothes and hit the shops to buy a new pair of sneakers to mark the start of new beginnings.

These experimenting might also include considering your workout sessions. If you believe cardio sessions do not work for you then simply switch to plugging your headphones this time and blasting your favorite music while dancing around your room happily because truth be told, your workouts and fitness sessions should be fun and a way of relieving your stress ,if not ,then it lose its essence of working in favor of your body and mind.

In a nutshell, you must not compare yourself to others or how you used to be. Remember to be kind to your body and listen to its need. If a particular exercise or workout hurts you or causes pain just immediately quit it. Also, world does not revolve around workouts and gyms. It is undoubtedly essential for you to reward yourself every now and then to praise yourself for the tremendous effort you have put in.

“Doing too much too soon can overwhelm you mentally,” says Sikorski. “And a rigorous routine may eventually feel like too much to deal with, which in return makes you feel defeated.”

Hence trust the journey for a fruitful ending.

Happy gyming!

Hey! I am just a teenager wandering its way into freelancing and content writing.